Animals for The Festive Season

Whether you require reindeer or huskies to bring Santa to your lights switch-on, Christmas pony rides for the children, or a very realistic polar bear act, do call us on 01825 713213 for more details. Please note that for animal welfare and health and safety reasons, not all of these acts are suitable for all venues. More details on animal activities can be found here.

Camels for Christmas

Camels for Christmas. Click for more....

Live Nativity Scene/ Petting Farm

Live Nativity Scene/ Petting Farm

Donkey Rides for Christmas

Christmas Donkey Rides

Reindeer to deliver Santa

Reindeer (petting, and to deliver Santa) click for more

Costume Reindeer

Costume Reindeer. Click for more costume characters.


Huskies (for photos, petting or to deliver Santa). Click for more

Polar Bear Act

Realistic polar bear act

Horse and Carriage

Horse Drawn Carriage for Santa's Arrival. For more Santa's Arrival ideas click here.


Costume Penguins

Giant costume penguins

Real Penguins

Real penguins, with environmental awareness talk - - 01825 713213