Our after dinner entertainment options include traditional after dinner speakers, dance and musical cabaret, a variety of comedy and speciality acts, and some stunning visual shows.

It is not posible to list all the options here, but we are always happy to talk with potential clients and put forward options to suit their budget, venue and audience.

We have categorised the entertainment into: (click to select)





Comedy/Speciality and Speakers Dance Musical Acts Aerial, Physical and Visual Interactive Entertainment
For music during dinner, please see our separate background music roster


After Dinner Entertainment, cabaret and speakers












Comedy/Speciality and Speakers - click to expand/hide
Leading UK comedian



From big name acts to lesser known but excellent exponents of the craft of comedy, we are always happy to advise on someone to meet your budget and the tastes of your audience.

Top British mind reader


Mind Readers

Our comedy mind reader will amaze and amuse, leaving the audience in hysterics and wondering "how on earth did he do that?"

Click here for onstage video clip, TV clip 1 and TV clip 2

Top UK Ventriloquist



Comedy ventriloquism has been increasingly popular recently, with several big names on TV.

Spoof speaker



We provide a wide range of speakers from the worlds of entertainment, sport and politics. We also have spoof speakers who take on a fictitious persona carefully tailored to the client's requirements in order to deliver a highly entertaining after dinner performance.




Our dextrous pickpocket presents a fast moving after dinner cabaret, combining standup comedy and pickpocketing, during which he picks a subject's pockets and even steals a necktie!

For a demo video, click here...

comedy songster - click for more..


Comedy Songster

Classically trained pianist who uses his skills in musical and comic improvisation to present a memorable after dinner set. Ideal for wedding anniversary dinners and birthday parties, and also very popular at corporate dinners.

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Dance- click to expand/hide
flamenco dancer - click for more...



Experience the passion, colour and rhythms of Southern Spain. For smaller functions, we can provide a solo dancer and guitarist. Larger guest numbers can be entertained by our six-piece Flamenco troupe.

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belly dancer


Belly dance

Bellydance is ideal for Arabian, Greek and Indian theme events. The performance can include audience participation, which adds to the entertainment value.

brazilian samba dancer



We bring a little of the colour, excitement and noise of the Rio carnival to your event. We expect all things Brazilian to be popular in the run-up to Rio 2016.

african drum and dance troupe - click for more...


African Drum and Dance

Our South African Zulu group features colourfully dressed musicians and energetic dancers dancing to powerful traditional rhythms.

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limbo dancer


Limbo dance

Limbo dancing is a perfect addition to any event with a Caribbean flavour. It can be combined with fire skills if required. After seeing the professionals demonstrate their skills, why not have a go yourself?

cabaret dancers - click for more images


Themed dance cabaret

Our cabaret dancers have a huge wardrobe of colourful costumes and a repertoire of dance routines to suit any theme or occasion.

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salsa dancers


Salsa Dance and workshop

Our professional dancers perform a demo set before encouraging the audience onto the floor for a short salsa workshop. Click here for a demo video.

For larger events, why not conclude the evening with a Latin dance orchestra?

snake dancer


Snake Dancer

Our Snake Dancer is available to meet and greet with her snake at the start of the evening, and to perform a routine after dinner. She can also perform a belly dance and/or fire set. Ideal for Arabian, Moroccan and Eastern themed events.

celebrity dance duo


Celebrity Dancers

The profile of dancing has been raised hugely by TV's Strictly Come Dancing. The series has made stars of it's regular professional dancers, and we are delighted to be able to bring some of them in cabaret to your event.



Musical Cabaret- click to expand/hide
comedy songster - click for more..


Comedy Songster

Classically trained pianist who uses his skills in musical and comic improvisation to present a memorable after dinner set. Ideal for wedding anniversary dinners and birthday parties, and also very popular at corporate dinners.

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rat pack singer - click for more..


Rat Pack singer

Our talented vocalist delivers a light-hearted tribute to the Rat Pack era, combining humorous anecdotes with music made popular by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior. With backing tracks or band.

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operatic waiters - click for more..


Operatic Waiters

Guests are surprised and entertained when the waiters and members of the kitchen staff burst into song. Also available-singing policemen, and other scenarios to suit your occasion.

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saxophone quartet - click for more....


Saxophone Quartet

This versatile all-female group has a repertoire of ragtime, blues, dixieland, big band favourites, Gershwin and Cole Porter, together with funkier more up to date numbers.

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close harmony group


Close Harmony/Barber Shop group

We work with some of the best voices in the country. Our vocal harmony groups can offer a light-hearted cabaret of close harmony or a seasonal repertoire for Christmas functions.

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junk percussion group - click for more....


Junk Percussion troupe

A high energy, high impact performance played on junk percussion by whip-cracking leather clad entertainers. Ideal as an opening/closing act for corporate functions, music festivals and street events.

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electric string quartet


Electric String Quartet

This all-female group presents a stunning choreographed stage show featuring classical crossover numbers with contemporary rhythms. Striking costumes and colourful instruments add visual appeal to the music.

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Japanese Taiko Drummers


Japanese Taiko Drumming

Featuring 2 - 20 performers, with a range of taiko drums from the small high-pitched "shime" drums to the huge "odaiko" big drum, this art form combines music, rhythms and martial arts-like movement.

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military band


Military Bands

We have contacts with many of the UK's top military bands, and can book them in both static format and as a marching display on your dancefloor.


electric string quartet


Vintage vocal cabaret

This vocal trio sings songs from the 1940s together with vintage style versions of contemporary music. They are available with recorded backing, or with live music played by a group of between 4 and 16 musicians.

Click for video / Click here for audio tracks

military band


LED Drumming group

Ideal for prduct launches and larger corporate events, as well as evening outdoor events. The lighting on the LED drums and suits are synchronised with the rhythms.

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Aerial, Physical and Visual- click to expand/hide
Acrobatic Cabaret show - click for more...


Acrobatic Cabaret

This stunning show features a team of energetic, athletic and supple performers in a display of acrobatics and limbo dance, performed to a high energy African theme sound track.

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Acrobalance act - click to see our snow themed show...



Acrobalance requires strength, poise and balletic skills and works to great effect as an after dinner entertainment. One of our most popular acrobalance acts is set in a snowglobe and is ideal for Christmas functions.

Click here to see a video demo.....

Aerial Cabaret - Click for more....


Aerial Cabaret

Performed on a self contained rig, this aerial cabaret features two feathery lovebirds in an enchanted birdcage. The 15 minute show includes a soundtrack with live birdsong.

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Aerial Cabaret - Click for more....


Revolving Aerial and Acrobalance show

A revolving aerial rig, placed on a dancefloor or similar area, is used to perform a stunning and graceful routine featuring acrobalance and aerial work. Ideal for working "in the round".

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Aerial Cabaret - Click for more....


Silhouette Acrobatic Show

A unique show featuring some of the UK's leading acrobatic performers in a creative piece illustrating the evolution of ideas. Ideal for international audiences; 13 minute show can be shortened if required.

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Visual comedy show


Visual Comedy

This utterly zany act features our intrepid performer, who climbs inside an inflated balloon.....and has a surprise finish. Equally suitable for a traditional audience (it has been performed at The Royal Variety Show) as it is for a more modern, club audience. Click here for video clip.

Hula Hoop Cabaret- click for video clip...


Hula Hoop Show

An energetic, fast paced show featuring a highly skilled hula hooper who effortlessly spins between 1 and 5 silver hoops on different parts of her body. In the show's finale she catches and spins over 40 hoops! Also available with LED glow hoops.

Click here for video clip.

glow juggling show - click for a video clip...


Glow Juggling Show

Ideal for Christmas parties, and for entertainment at summer festivals, this colourful show features glow juggling, acrobatics and hoops, together with an energetic soundtrack.

Click here for a video clip.....

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fire show - click for a video clip...


Fire and Pyrotechnics shows

The UK's top fire artists present a celebration of fire, light and pyrotechnics: A choreographed show featuring fire juggling, fire staff swinging, and a spectacular pyrotechnic finale.

Click here for a video clip of a fire show.....

For more images and info on fire shows, click here

comedy magician


Magicians and Illusionists

From classic cabaret style illusionists, through comedy magicians to contemporary style mental magic acts, we can advise on an act to suit your budget and requirements.

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Our dextrous pickpocket presents a fast moving after dinner cabaret, combining standup comedy and pickpocketing, during which he picks a subject's pockets and even steals a necktie!

For a demo video, click here...

cabaret juggler



This skilful and hilarious comedy performer juggles ping pong balls with his mouth, sets his head on fire and juggles furniture, in a breathtaking, fast-paced routine.

stunt shows


Stunt Shows

Our stunt performers perform choreographed sequences tailored to your theme, from medieval fighting knights through prohibition-era shootouts to a James Bond sequence. Our custom-written scenarios can also include taking a prominent member of your company "hostage" followed by a "rescue"

stunt shows


Chinese Acrobats and Lion Dance

This colourful show features Chinese circus skills such as Lion Dance, Ribbon Dance, Martial Arts, Candle Rolling, Chinese Magic and Chinese Acrobatics. Can also be combined with Chinese strolling entertainers such as calligraphers.

stunt shows


Physical Comedy and Mime

This act features physical comedy, mime, robotics, contact juggling and other physical skills. It can be tailored in style to suit corporate and private functions, or more informal events such as festivals etc.

See video



Interactive Entertainment- click to expand/hide
Fun Casino


Fun Casinos

Our fun casinos have long been popular at corporate functions and charity events. We use professional croupiers and full sized club-quality tables and chips. Fun money can be printed with your logo or personalisation.
spoof gane show


Spoof Game Show

Our team of comedy entertainers presents an after dinner "quiz show" in the style of the 1980s TV shows. The show features lots of audience participation, and rounds include Play Your Cards, Runaround, Wheel of Fortune and quickfire trivia, all presented with tongue firmly in cheek!

murder mystery


Murder Mystery

This classic entertainment takes place between courses, led by a team of professional actors. The detective work is very much secondary to the comeduy and entertainment, but the winners are the guests who guess "whodunnit".

Click here for a short video.....





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